Batumi View is a multi-platform hotel booking and management platform, which includes a mobile application for reservation, food ordering, and laundry. Batumi View management software has a specific section for reservation and room management, also the kitchen management and laundry section.

Albustan is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that contains a mobile app for customers, a merchant app, and a full admin panel.
We used a microservice architecture for the backend and implemented CI/CD for automation, the mobile apps have been developed using flutter.

Jobs, training, and opportunities are at your fingertips.

Akoo is a search engine for job listings, internships, grants, and volunteer opportunities across Iraq. The application continues to grow its online training to develop skills and capacities of job seekers and employees in both Iraqi Arabic and Kurdish.

university app

Web/IOS/Android Application Developed for HEC Qatar University

Reactive and Progressive

Registry / Program Executive Module

Fee / Finance / Accounts

Library Module

Student / Faculty / Staff / Directors Login

HR Module

Transport Module

SMS Plugin

Message System

Resource Booking

Parents Login


KRG Calendar is a lightweight calendar application, which helps to access monthly KRG calendar quickly and easily.
IRAQI Kurdistan official days and Holidays
Configurable menu bar item displays week, 2weeks, month
Realtime Date convertor
Islamic Date Converter
IQD Exchange rates and converter
Kurdish Date Converter

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E-commerce mobile app, full integration with Magento, WooCommerce, and Opencart, super fast performance on both iOS and Android.

Multi Language Support

Your app can be read by any person in the world who speaks different languages, different reading directions

Secure Payment Integration

Supports multi payment gateway (work with 99% of payment services).

Push notifications
Ensuring connection between your stores and your customers, shopkurd provides “push notification” function which will alert your consumers any new information from your store’s promotions to updated order status.

Fully work Wordpress, Magento, Opencart, it will be connected with your website so you can easily manage products and sale.

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Web/IOS/Android Application Developed

Dynamic Food Menu and Price

Asynchronous Table / Order Placement

Staff and Manager Custom application

Reactive Bill

Ask for Waiter

Customer Review Module

Table Booking and Specialized Service

business management app

Web/IOS/Android Application Developed For The Manager Start-up company

Asynchronous Reactive and Progressive

Unlimited Staff / Customer / Product

Fee / Finance / Accounts

Warehouse Managemnt

Debt Calculation and Reminder

Shipping Module


Income / Expense Management

Barcode Reader and AI Module

Staff Management and Task Manager